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Manual Content Handling

If you wish to manually handle the presentation of NearIT content you can have instances of our content, starting from an Intent or a Parcelable object. You can use this method to get the various casted objects to a content listener:

// from an intent
NearUtils.parseContents(intent, contentListener)

// from a parcelable
NearUtils.parseContents(content, trackingInfo, contentListener)
// from an intent
NearUtils.parseContents(intent, contentListener);

// from a parcelable
NearUtils.parseContents(content, trackingInfo, contentListener);

Content Objects

For each callback method of the contentListener you will receive a different content object. Every object has a notificationMessage public field and a getId() getter method.

You still able to present NearIT content with our UI components. Please, refer to the next pages for a deeper understanding of NearIT content, how you can present it and how you can customize the presentation.

Simple Notification

Content Notification

Feedback Request