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Recipes define a way to interact with your users using NearIT. You can use a single end-point to set every kind of recipe.

Plugins and Actions

NearIT is based on a plugin structure, any recipe contains reference to 3 kinds of plugin:

  • operation: sets the recipe Target (Who)
  • reaction: sets the recipe in-app Content (What)
  • pulse: sets the recipe Trigger

Any plugin can deliver "actions". By combining different plugin+actions couples you will be able to create any kind of recipe.


Every NearIT plugin requires a bundle to work.
A bundle contains every specific information needed by the plugin to work, its structure and information vary for every action.
While creating a recipe with our API, you can choose to:

  • tell NearIT to use an existing bundle using the bundle_id attribute
  • define a new bundle using the bundle attribute

Complete reference

For more details about our recipe system please look at the NearIT Recipes APIs reference.
For specific examples please refer to the next chapters of this guide.