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Location based notifications are not working

Make sure that you are starting the NearIT radar after you are granted location permissions from your users. If you experience delays or inconsistent behavior from recipes that are supposed to trigger from small geofences (< 100mt), try enlarging your geofence.

If you are changing recipes frequently and want to try a change immediately, you can swipe the app and reopen it. The SDK will check if the recipes have changed and will sync their content.

The NearIT platform has a separate set of trackings for location entities and recipes interactions. Look for trackings in the analytics section and check your geofence or beacon region detection count. This way, you can know if you are being detected. If that is the case, there might be something blocking your recipe. For example:

  • The recipe has a cooldown period and not enough time has passed
  • The recipe is not scheduled for this moment
  • The recipe carries a coupon and your user has already received it.
  • You are not in the target of users for that recipe.

Push notifications are not working

Inside the "Push notification" section in the platform, make sure you push certificate environment is properly set. It should be sandbox if you are running your app directly from XCode and production if you installed it from the App Store or TestFlight.

Cooldown rules are not applied

Cooldown rules are only applied if the proper trackings are correctly observed. Specifically, cooldown filters are based on the Received recipe trackings. If you are not customizing the notification creation, trackings are automatic. If you are customizing background notifications you should track the recipe asReceived` just before you show your notifications.