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Handle In-app content

This setup allows NearIT to deliver and show notifications and content.

Request notification permission

Please remember to request notification permission: on iOS no content will be delivered if user did not grant it.

When a NearIT notification is tapped an event will be emitted.

Listen for Events and show the content

To listen to NearIT events, add a listener:

this.eventsSubscription = NearIT.addContentsListener(event => {

N.B: Remember to unsubscribe from events (you'd want to do this when the component is unmounted)


Notification History

If you want to show the user notification history, you can do it by calling the following method:

NearIT.showNotificationHistory("An optional title");

This is the result:


If you wish to handle yourself the notification history, head to this section.

Coupon History

NearIT.showCouponList("An optional title");

This is the result:


If you wish to handle yourself the coupon list, head to this section.