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Android Configuration

NearIT API Key

Set your API key in Android resources:

    <string name="nearit_api_key" translatable="false">Your.API.Key</string>

You can find your API key on NearIT web interface, under the "SDK Integration" section.

If you don't have a resources file, create a new secrets.xml file under your project android/app/src/main/res/values folder and add the previous line inside of it.

N.B: We suggests you to ignore this file from your versioning system.

Test devices

Go to NearIT web interface, navigate "Settings > Test devices" section of NearIT and follow the instructions to enable this feature. The procedure will make you update the android/app/src/AndroidManifest.xml of your project.

In the same section, you can send invite links to mail addresses. If users have the app installed, they can click the link on their smart-phone to be prompted with a request to enroll their device among the testers.